Forget What They State: Flossing Makes A Difference

Working in the dental industry is a pretty exciting place to be at the moment. A lot of new technologies are coming out in 2017 that have the potential to revolutionize the practice of dentistry in all kinds of ways. Dental manufacturing companies are committed to bringing new products into the market that help dentists practice better and easier.

As always, dentists have the option of incorporating some of these new pieces into their work. Some dentist offices prefer to wait for the major innovations and let the smaller, incremental innovations come and go each year. Other offices prefer to stay on top of every little change so that when the major innovation comes they are already expecting it. No matter the position a dental office takes on innovation, no one can deny that it’s exciting to see new products every year.

The technological side of dentistry is a major talking point for patients. Usually patients are most excited by new products that make the experience in the chair less painful and shorter (ideally). Dentists know how excited patients get about new tools for their teeth. It’s always fun to mention some of these exciting new changes to patients and see their reaction. Of course it helps to keep them up to date with what techniques and products are being used on teeth in 2017.

Digitization Will Increase

One of the major trends that will continue into 2017 and beyond is the digitization of dental work. Better digital imaging of the mouth will help dentists diagnose better and be more accurate in their work. The best example of this is CAD/CAM dentistry. CAD/CAM dentistry refers to any kind of computer-aided dental work in the creation of restorations, especially crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, and fixed bridges.

This technology allows dentists to finish a restoration job in their office in less than 2 hours. Traditionally, restoration requires the patient to wait up to eight weeks for their final prosthesis. They are given a substitute while the actual prosthetic product is made in a dental lab. Cutting down on this time frame is great news for dentists Teeth cleaning columbus and patients alike.

Intraoral Cameras Are Improving

A new batch of intraoral cameras are scheduled for release in 2017. Intraoral cameras are small cameras placed in a patient's mouth to help them see what’s going on in there. They should make it easier for doctors to explain what they are doing, and even how they are doing it. Letting patients see what is being done to them helps with their overall satisfaction. Expect these to become a common feature of most dental offices in the next years.

Look out for these changes to the dental industry in 2017. A number of dental offices in Columbus will be keen to help technology improve their dental services.

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